Used Car Checklist Before You Buy.

Buying a used car can be a very exciting and liberating experience. However, purchasing a used

vehicle requires research and investigation. A person should look for several discrepancies before giving a dealer or owner cash. The following information is a checklist of buying tips for the first time car purchaser. The individual should check for these things while allowing the vehicle to run for at least 15 minutes:

Coolant Leak

When inspecting a car, the consumer should look underneath the vehicle and under the hood for coolant leaks. The biggest indicator of a coolant leak is visible liquid dripping from underneath the car. The individual may also notice coolant oozing from a tube or smoke coming from any of the components under the hood. If there is a coolant leak, the buyer should ask the seller to fix this immediately. Lost coolant can cause the engine to overheat. Overheating can warp the heads or seize the engine if it is not fixed.

The individual should check other fluids such as brake fluid and power steering fluid. These liquids could also have leaks. Fluid leaks are a sign of a larger problem.

Visible Smoke

Visible smoke is a sign of something very serious. White smoke indicates a leaking or blown head gasket. A blown head gasket can cause major engine damage if the owner does not make repairs. In fact, a car that is already displaying white smoke may be in need of a new engine.

Black smoke might be a less serious problem, but it still requires immediate assistance. Black smoke indicates that the air/fuel mixture is too rich. The vehicle may need a new fuel injector, pressure regulator, evane a dirty air cleaner element can cause black smoke,O2 sensor, converter or carburetor.

Blue smoke indicates worn piston rings. The car is very likely in need of a new or rebuilt engine. It is probably not a good idea to purchase such a vehicle.

Oil Leak

The individual should check for oil leaks the same way he or she would check for a coolant leak. An individual will notice most oil leaks underneath the car. The customer can see some oil leaks underneath the hood. The cost of repairs depends on which gasket is leaking.

After investigating for serious problems, the individual should check for rust, tire wear and safety lighting. These problems are less critical, but they all play a role in protecting the driver. Before purchasing any used vehicle, one should consider the costs of repairs and add that into the negotiations.